Michael Caputo Legal Fund



After two years of testifying to bogus Russia investigations, Michael Caputo and his family were looking forward to restarting their lives. Thousands of donors helped them pay hundreds of thousands in legal costs, and donated so much that they were able to pay the lawyers for several other witnesses in the probe.

But it wasn’t over. On March 3rd, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler restarted the investigation. His team of Democrats sent Michael and 80 other Trump associates a demand for documents that might prove his Russia collusion delusion. Learn more about it all in the article Michael wrote for Fox News.

As a result, the Caputo family will incur more legal fees. He will refuse to testify, but it’s still very expensive to obey the law and protect your rights. If he is subpoenaed, Michael will have to attend a hearing with his attorneys and take the Fifth Amendment to invoke his Constitutional rights. He’ll also need to work hard on the media to publicize his effort and hopefully inspire more action.

Please consider supporting the Caputo a Family with whatever donation you can afford by clicking on this GoFundMe link. It was set up by Michael’s cousin, Christine Hernandez. Thank you!

Help Michael Caputo and his family by donating to his legal fund via GOFUNDME or an official Trust Account!

The Michael Caputo Legal Fund was set up by the trustees to raise money to help pay the legal bills [more]

Caputo Legal Fund Trust Committee

Tom Bauerle, Buffalo, NY
W. Kirk Bell, Washington, DC
David Bellavia, Batavia, NY
Raymon Caputo, Orchard Park, NY
Lynn Conforti, McLean, VA
Kendall Coffey, Miami, FL
David DiPietro, East Aurora, NY
Eddy Dobosiewicz, Buffalo, NY
Russ Gugino, Hamburg, NY
Gordon H. Hensley, Upperville, VA
Jimmy Kemp, Washington, DC
Nancy Kemp, Los Angeles, CA
Danielle Letina, Willard, NY
Ralph Lorigo, West Seneca, NY
Dr. Albert Michaels, Buffalo, NY
John Molino, South Wales, NY
Carl Paladino, Buffalo, NY
Scott Relan, Wilmington, NC
Jane Seiling, Lima, OH
Chuck Sonntag, Orchard Park, NY
Brad Traverse, Arlington, VA
Thomas Woolston, Great Falls, VA
Greg Zugay, East Aurora, NY